1. CNN takes ques from Saudi Prince on what to            report.
2. SHARONS ADDRESS ABOUT HIS BEING                     ATTACKED BY THE LABOR PARTY FROM IDF           Radio in Hebrew -- (Israel Defense Forces radio)

CNN takes ques from Saudi Prince on what to report.
The Prince owns over 20 percent of AOL, the company who owns CNN.
A reporter asked if he had any influence on what CNN reports and the Prince replied
"I give them advice about what to report when it comes to Islam and the Arab people"
When you have a large share-holder (20% is a huge amount), you listen to what they have to say. CNN and CNN followers pride themselves on "unbiased reporting". When an Arab terrorist has their ear (and paycheck) how can we expect them to be unbiased when it comes to Israel? The answer is... you can't. We hear so often that "the Jews control the media". That was possibly the truth (or at least more so then today) 20+ years ago... but today the media is owned by oil money. The terrorists are becoming smarter and smarter. They know that the way to destroy Israel's image in the mind of Americans is to do so through American media. They have a large campaign about to launch, and here's how it's worded.

(Riyadh) - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has presented a new initiative titled "Charter to Reform the Arab Stand," which it hopes will be put before the next Arab Summit, to be in held in March 2003 in Bahrain. The initiative encourages regional economic development and greater participation by the Arab people in the political process.

This new Arab Charter would serve to harness the strengths of the region and help develop Arab political and economic interests by guiding the Arab World in its relations with the international community as well as managing the needs of inter-Arab relations.

Let me translate...
(Riyadh) - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has presented a new initiative titled "We need better propaganda," which it hopes will be put before the next Arab Summit, we need to do this quickly before people find out that we hate Israel and America, to be held in March 2003 in Bahrain. The initiative encourages that we give money to get more people indoctrinated and trained to make us not look like the terrorists we are.

This new Arab smoke screen would serve to harness the strengths of our lies in the region and help improve the rhetoric and give our Arab politicians money so we can show the Arab World how to deceive in its relations with the international community, and anyone stupid enough to believe it, as well as managing the greed by bribery which we can make look like good inter-Arab relations.

So there ya have it. We'll be seeing a lot more of this in the near future. Be aware of what you watch read and hear. This is what Paul meant by "taking every thought captive". It means analyze everything you hear and see otherwise you'll be duped.

Here's another one... I can hear the Prince in every word of this. This is from TIME magazine this week.
"As many as 1 in 3 senior U.S. military officers question the wisdom of a pre-emptive war with Iraq, one officer estimates in TIME's Special Report on Donald Rumsfeld's Blueprint for War.

The reasons aren't surprising: the U.S. military is already stretched across the globe, the war against Osama bin Laden is unfinished and even if the march to Baghdad goes quickly, a long postwar occupation looks inevitable. The military's assessment of the chances of success are less optimistic than those of the Administration's theologians, TIME's Mark Thompson and Michael Duffy report."
First always be aware of TIME polls. They are very selective of who they are polling and they blow them out of proportion to serve their bias. "1 in 3" is an outright lie
The truth is that the administration sees eye to eye on attacking Iraq and always has. Liberal reporters are always trying to find one way down the ladder who might express even a hint of doubt and then they blow it out of proportion. I can hear the Prince "giving advice" like this. "Bin Laden is the problem, way over in Afghanistan not over here near me. I don't want any focus in this area. What if the Americans start looking in my direction after they're done with Iraq and realize I'm a terrorist too? They'd already have all their troops here and equipment. It'd be easy for them to simply turn and go after me!!!" This whole edition of TIME is marked with the traces of the Princes propaganda machine. TIME and AOL try to make Bush look like a warmonger who is also unintelligent. The truth is Bush is doing the right thing and as far as him being stupid.... he's a Yale graduate. You can't graduate from Yale if you're stupid. You'll probably come out a hard line liberal and completely deceived but not stupid. You have to applaud Bush for graduating and NOT becoming a hard line liberal. That is a difficult situation to go through. 

Another bit about CNN
This week, Israel Resource News Agency discovered documents in the Israel Ministry of Interior Registrar of Non Profit Organizations (RASHAM AMUTOT) that Phillip Wilcox, former US consul in Jerusalem and former advisor to President Clinton, has discretely registered his organization, THE FOUNDATION FOR MIDDLE EAST PEACE, with the Israel office of Non Profit Organizations.
Phillip Wilcox is a staunch anti-Israel supporter. By registering this organization as a non-profit organization he can now receive a grant of 310,000 Euro from the EU, as a Jerusalem-based non-profit organization. He'll be using this money to condemn Sharon and portray the Israeli communities in Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and Katif as THE obstacles to peace in the Middle East as he has done so many times already. Guess who all of a sudden rushed to have an interview with him??? CNN you guessed it. Here he was given a platform to speak his lies. He actually equated the settlers (Jews) who were given the Land of Israel by G-d Almighty with the terrorist organization "Hamas" here's a quote where he blamed "terrorists from amongst the Hamas and the Likud settlers". The Likud is a branch of the Israeli government. CNN and the Prince loved that!!! Israelis who die at the hand of terrorists by a quick flip of the tongue are turned into animals when all they've done is try to survive. It's no wonder this man was an envoy for President Clinton. They are two peas in a pod. If you watch CNN, don't watch it anymore.
FOX NEWS is much better (not perfect but much much better). Every Messianic knows it.


I put this in here so you can understand what the recent attacks on Sharon are all about. Also you will see that liberalism isn't just a problem here in the US but also in Israel. The Labor Party is the Liberal Party of Israel. They believe that Israel shouldn't fight back against the terrorists but that they should rather lie down and try to negotiate. The Devil would like nothing more then for Israelis to die by the hands of terrorists! Sharon is a good man and a good leader for Israel. Don't listen to the lies that our own media tries to bombard us with against him.

[News conference by Prime Minister Ari'el Sharon at the prime minister's bureau in Jerusalem -- live; broadcast interrupted in progress on Central Election Committee chairman's orders]

[Sharon] Good evening. I came here this evening in order to confront the shameful plot that was hatched against me and the Likud with but one aim: To topple the Israeli Government and to assume power through slander and deceit. Let me describe to you
the sequence of events over the recent months.

Approximately two months ago, the Labor Party decided because of its own internal political considerations to drag the entire country into an election campaign. Already at that time, I said that the elections were unnecessary and that the Labor Party's behavior -- in the midst of a struggle against terrorism and on the eve of a possible war in Iraq -- is reckless and irresponsible. I must confess that even I never imagined how reckless and irresponsible the Labor Party's behavior could prove to be. Let me give you an example. A few weeks ago, I visited the IDF's Home Front Command in order to check its
readiness and preparedness prior to a possible attack on the residents of Israel. We all know that there is the threat of a war in Iraq. The risk of Israel being attacked is not large, but it exists. Therefore, preparations must be made in order to provide the residents of Israel with the best possible defense. Every child understands that. Everyone but the Labor Party, its supporters, and all those who help it.

This responsibility ultimately rests on my shoulders. I am the prime minister and I bear supreme responsibility for defending the Israeli public. And I supervise and inspect the whole issue of our readiness and preparations, sometimes holding surprise visits. That is what I do, and I would be betraying my duty were I to do otherwise. And here comes the Labor Party, along with all its supporters, and starts to attack me personally and to
portray our preparations for the war as an election gimmick. As though there is no crisis in Iraq. As though the entire world is not preparing for war. As though we have not been already attacked in the past by missiles from Iraq when all the experts at the time were saying that it wouldn't happen. It happened in the past, and we must be ready. But the Labor Party doesn't think so. The only thing on their minds are the elections. The entire world revolves around them and their chances of seizing the reigns of power. That is what they think, or at least that is what they sound like.

Such behavior, coming at the expense of those things we hold most sacred, is shameful. Moreover, such behavior is also reckless and irresponsible.  This is but an example that sheds light on all that has been happening here in recent weeks. First of all, they declared open season on the Likud Party and tried to besmirch an entire movement and all of its elected officials down to the very last one of them.  They tried to turn all of us into the mafia and organized crime. All this out of political motives.

You can compare between the way I acted in this affair and Amram Mitzna's behavior. After all, very grave patterns of behavior were discovered in the Labor Party. Election fraud, disappearing ballot boxes, and the purchasing of slots on the Knesset list.
The Israel Police is investigating. Indictments have been submitted. There were illegal appointments, cases of perjury, everything. Mitzna himself was investigated by the police with regard to two corruption affairs, and his exploits and failure to uphold public ethics are legendary, as are his ties with building contractors and money barons in Haifa.  I took
immediate action but Mitzna did nothing.

I immediately announced that I would expel from the Likud and government anyone found to be wrongfully elected. And that is what I did. Mitzna did zilch, absolutely nothing. I appointed a committee to amend the loopholes in our democratic process and
adopted the committee's recommendations. Mitzna did nothing when grave evidence of fraud was discovered in the primaries carried out by his party under his leadership. He did nothing, nor will he do anything in future.

Mitzna and the media that is egging him on have no interest in ethics. They only care about the Likud.  They don't care about corruption. They are only interested in the Likud. All this has hurt the Likud. Nevertheless, the Labor Party remained stuck and Mitzna failed to take off. So they moved on to the next stage, and tried to hurt me through my sons.  They took Omri, whose only sin was in coming to help me as prime minister, and tried to portray him as organized crime. When this didn't work, they tried to find some alleged affair involving some Greek island and forcibly link it to my other son, Gil'ad.  Let it be clear, this is an old affair that has been gathering dust for years. It has nothing to do with me. My son Gil'ad was never asked a single question about it by the authorities, nor was he ever asked to provide an affidavit. Some journalist comes along and prints some gossip, and the Labor Party immediately jumps on the bandwagon. Gil'ad, who is an economist by profession, did some economic research. What is that? Corruption?
Gil'ad was paid for his work. That is what people are describing as the mafia. Let me ask you something:  Have you gone mad? Are you insane?

And once again, it didn't help. Mitzna was still stuck in the polls and couldn't gather steam. The scent of power was still so far from their nostrils.  There was nothing else to do but to proceed to the next stage. Someone, whose identity is being investigated now at the orders of the attorney general, leaked a document full of gossip and lies about Gil'ad's business dealings which are ostensibly connected to me. Let me tell you the precise facts.  More than a year ago, the state comptroller discovered that contributions had illegally been made and informed me of this. I was amazed by these findings. I went home
to the ranch and spoke to my sons. I told them on my own initiative that all the money must be immediately returned to the donors without any delay, and that even if we had to mortgage the ranch and our home a second time, it must be done. To the best of my knowledge, I am the only one to do so and return the money. Baraq hasn't done so until this very day. Nor  has Mitzna done so in the case of his non-profit society, despite being demanded to do so. I am the only person to return the money on my own initiative without being compelled to do so. The state comptroller didn't ask me to return the money.  When I heard that the scope of contributions that had been collected was beyond what was allowed, I decided to return all the money on my own initiative.

Now we are talking about a large sum of money, almost 5 million shekels, and I, after all, have no financial means. Already in 1989, I divested myself of all responsibility for managing the ranch, and even before that it was run by someone else while my
sons were in the army, as required by law. When my sons completed their military service, they assumed responsibility for managing the ranch, along with their other business dealings. Today, Gi'lad successfully manages the ranch, and I am not involved, as mandated by the law. I took the savings accumulated by my late wife Lili, my she rest in peace, and myself, and transferred 500,000 shekels, leaving me 250,000
shekels in overdraft at the bank.  Gil'ad took it upon himself to come up with the rest of the money. And a short time later, he gave me the remainder of the sum, a little more than 4 million shekels, and I returned all the money to the donors and notified the state comptroller that I had done so. I didn't wait until  all the money had been collected. I immediately transferred the 500,000 shekels that my wife Lili and myself had saved. I did this first thing so that it would be clear to everyone that I indeed intended -- contrary to all the others -- to return the money. As far as I was concerned, that was the end of the affair.

Let me state here clearly that I didn't know exactly how the money was collected. We spoke about mortgaging the ranch and to the best of my knowledge, that was indeed done at the time. When I was asked about it by the police that is what I said. I told them that I didn't know exactly, that my sons had handled the matter, and that to the best of my knowledge the ranch was mortgaged. If it later transpired that another way had been
found, then that is all to the better. My son Gil'ad is a very successful businessmen with wide-ranging business interests. He is successful and makes a lot of money. I am very proud of him. I know that everything is carried out in a honest and legal manner. I know that everything is done and reported on properly. He has documents that prove everything. The important and relevant documents pertaining to the loan were presented to the public at a news conference.

Incidentally, the full version presented by the Ha'aretz newspaper, which started all these reports, did not publish our replies in full. The paper has an important responsibility to
present all the facts.  Ha'aretz, however, decided to act differently because otherwise what would happen to the scandal. After all, those whose are responsible for leaking and inflating and celebrating over this story didn't do it in order to find out the truth. There are far simpler ways to discover the truth. One asks questions, gets answers, and examines documents. But you yourselves know very well that there is no scandal in doing that. That can't be exploited for political gain. You can't topple a government that way. So one fabricates, tells lies, inflates gossip, and deals in deceit. Take for example the story of my friend Cyril Kern, who as a young man a little older than 17 came to Israel as a young volunteer from Britain. He was born in the United Kingdom and is a British citizen. He came here to fight alongside is in the War of Independence. He risked his life during the most difficult times that the state of Israel has ever experienced. I served together with him for a long period during the War of Independence. We have been friends for years and decades, ever since we left the battlefield. We celebrate holidays today. He has known my sons ever since their birth. He is my lifelong companion. He never asked me for anything and never received anything. He has no business dealings in Israel, nor has he ever had any. And to tell you the truth, seeing as he has already reached the age of 73, I don't think he'll have any in the future. But he loves us, he loves Israel and the Israeli people, and yes, we are friends. This is a friendship that has lasted for dozens of years.  Incidentally, during the 1967 war, he returned to Israel....

[State-funded but independent Jerusalem Voice of Israel Network B at 1900 GMT carries a report on Sharon's news conference and on Justice Chesin's demand to stop its live relay by the electronic media.

[Network B notes that "in the part that was not relayed on radio or television, Prime Minister Sharon said that police investigations are legitimate and that he has no problem facing a police investigation.  Sharon said that he has always been careful to uphold the law and will continue to do so in future. Sharon said that his son Gil'ad has wide-ranging business interests and that he, Ari'el Sharon, does not deal with his issues nor is he involved in them because he has other important missions to deal with. Sharon noted that perhaps it would be better for him to know more details. Sharon added that if he is required to give an affidavit to the relevant bodies, he would do so. I have nothing to hide, Sharon said. When asked why he didn't present documents at this evening's news conference, as he had said he'd do, Sharon replied that the documents had already been presented and that whoever wanted to see them would be allowed to do so."]

Headlines: 1. Snipers John Allen and Lee Malvo are jihadists... not crazy.
                     2. Canada supporting terrorists
                     3. Israel and Russia working together
                     4. Sharon's troubles with the Labor Party
                         (Labor Party = Liberals)
                     5. The Ossuary of James
                     6. Turkey and Israel still in good standings
                         (End times get further away)

1. Snipers John Allen Muhammad and Lee Malvo are jihadists... not crazy.
It seems like the liberal media and many "Christians" are shying away from the fact that these 2 Moslem men are fighting a religious war against the United States. They speak of Lee Malvo as a boy who was brainwashed by the man John Allen.
Let's get one thing straight...
What do you think Lee Malvo would be called in Africa where ones much younger then him are carrying Kalishnakov automatic rifles? They call them what they should be called... WARRIORS. Not boys!!! John Allen and Lee Malvo are jihadists. They are warriors of the demon god ALLAH. There's no confusion here although the media would like to baffle us with their rhetoric. Both of these MEN knew exactly what they were doing. They were carrying out the highest honor a Muslim can obtain... "the killing of the infidels". They would be celebrated in Islamic countries. Here we are viewing them as crazy and misled, which is exactly what the Devil would like us to believe. If such as these can be viewed as insane then they wouldn't be responsible for their sins would they? No they wouldn't. Satan would like us all to avoid the responsibility of our sins cause then we'd all join him in his kingdom.
They'll find a lot of company in America's jails. There are many Black Muslims in prisons all across the country. What's sad is that the Black Muslims have been duped by (the majority) Arab Muslims. The Koran calls blacks "dogs" and teaches that they should be treated as second-class citizens, they enlist blacks to do their dirty work when they can talk them into it. They did a good job on John and Lee.

2. Canada supporting terrorists.
This is greatly disturbing but I'm not surprised. Canada is a very liberal nation. I should know... I'm Canadian. I was born on Vancouver Island and much of my family on my mom's side still live in British Columbia. My oldest bother lives there and is forming a multi-million  dollar computer company in Vancouver.
Canada recently tried to pass legislation which would criminalize any language directed against homosexuality. If passed, police could arrest good honest preachers speaking out against this abomination.
Well, that's not all. Canada (although aware) is selling military articles to known terrorist organizations such as Hizballah (The Party of God)
This is from "The (Montreal) Gazette" If Canada's own security agency has proof that Hizballah has been using Canada as an off-shore base for raising money and buying supplies such as blasting devices, then Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham should take every legal measure to stop such activity at once. Nations around the world have banned Hizballah as a terrorist organization. For it, or any group, to come in to Canada and begin buying large amounts of explosive devices, and items such as night-vision goggles, should send alarm bells ringing. These are hardly run-of-the-mill consumer items.
C'mon Canada, wake up!!! Many of you have read my article where I say that America needs to break from liberal European countries. I'm thinking we may have to do the same with our northern neighbors and my country of birth.

3. Israel and Russia working together
There is a new deal between Israel and Russia. It will help both countries economically. An old oil-transit pipeline known as "Tipline" will be focused on. Tankers bearing Russian crude would unload at Ashkelon. Then the oil would traverse the Tipline to Eilat, then loaded onto tankers for shipment to Asia.
Israel already imports more than 99 percent of its 278,000 barrels of its daily consumption. Russia would be supplying part of the Israeli oil market, which would be easy for a large country like Russia to do. Having a non-Arab supply of Israel is a huge advantage to Israel as you can imagine and it would bring a lot of business to the small country (which is in great need due to the lack of recent tourism

4. Sharon's troubles with the Labor Party
The recent downfall of Sharon's government is due to the liberal Labor party in the Knesset (The Israeli Parliament). The Labor party has always been a thorn in the side of the conservative sectors of the government. People such as Shimon Perez and Israeli Defense Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer are bleeding heart liberals who only care about their own recognition, power and fame. They know they are dealing with a government (Palestinian) who wish the destruction of HaAretz (The Land). This party would give up land bought for by the blood of Jewish soldiers for their own selfish gain. Shimon Perez and Israeli Defense Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, are in my book, traitors to the Jewish people. Sharon is sticking his neck out for the Israeli settlers. He's aware that these settlers believe in Israel owning the land that God has given them. Not only that but it was the Israeli Government who propelled the movement early on. The settlers moved into the West Bank, set up their lives there and then were suddenly asked to give it all up by the same government who encouraged them to move there in the first place. Sharon rightly tries to protect them even against popular American sentiment against him for this.

5. The Ossuary of James
When reports of this find were being hailed by my brothers and sisters in Christ a coupe weeks ago, I bid them caution. I wasn't very popular to say the least and came under heavy fire. This is something I'm used to. Why is it that Christians (and Messianics as well) are so quick to follow stories and finds without tempering themselves with the facts? Are we so insecure that we have to jump on any bandwagon that seems to "prove" the Bible? I don't need any proof for one and neither should anyone else. Should we continue to dig in Israel and find what we can about our history etc.? Of course but we should be careful not to cry wolf. I think this ossuary is exactly that. a false cry.
Here's what I think about the ossuary:
The bone-box is real; the first inscription, which is in Aramaic, "Jacob son of Joseph," is also authentic. The second half of the inscription, "brother of Jesus," is an addition from later on. 
One scholar adds this
"While today, grave markers are carved by pros, this was not the case in these Jewish ossuary inscriptions
From the writing on the ossuary inscriptions, some are clearly written by youngsters and semi-literates who did not have complete control of graph sizes and could not hold a straight line. Others are clearly the holographs of literate people.
James inscription was written by two different people
The inscription on the "James" ossuary is a bit more complicated. First it has been gone over by a professional carver; the words are excised (not incised)."

6. Turkey and Israel still in good standings
"There will be no change in Turkish-Israeli ties", said a senior member of Turkey's pro-Islamic AKP party, which swept into power this week. 
"I can easily say that Turkish-Israeli relations will not be affected by a Justice and Development Party [AKP] government," said H. Murat Mercan, a founding member and one of its chief spokesmen.
The Israeli-Turkish relationship was not an issue in the election, and Erdogan has made no public statement specifically about these ties and only a few general statements about Israel. Mercan's comments are the first by a high-level AKP official on the Israeli-Turkish relationship since the elections.
"I don't see any reason to change Turkish foreign policy," he said from the party's headquarters, decorated with huge posters of Erdogan and Kemal Ataturk, the father of the secular Turkish republic.
"Turkish foreign policy is not dependent on political parties, it is dependent on Turkish national interests. So long as the relationship between the two countries is mutually beneficial, there is no reason to divert the course of the relationship," he said.

Mercan will be one of AKP's 363 new members in the 550-seat parliament.
Dismissing concerns that, as a pro-Islamic party, AKP will come under pressure to tone down ties with Jerusalem, Mercan said that "Turkish foreign relations have nothing to do with religious background, they are based on real politics."

Many Messianics have been afraid that this change to an Islamic government will turn to radicalism. I would remind those that the former Turkish President was arrested for making Islamic speeches and imprisoned. Thereby the Turkish people are not tolerant to hardline religious ideals or speeches by government parties. Remember the Turks are not Arabs and do not think like Arabs.

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